Combining standard and alternative data sets

Put your portfolio at the centre of your investable universe and visualise its relationship network in an entirely new way.

The buy-side has access to more data than ever before. Alternative and unstructured data is being used to develop strategy, predict market movements, manage risk, and generate new ideas.

What our expert says

With nDegrees, now you can analyse and quantify second degree impacts on your portfolio by combining predictive analytics along with event monitoring, emotion detection and graph mining capabilities.

Wynn Htun
Head of Analytics

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Effective use of alt data

Use powerful visualisations to generate and validate new ideas, act quickly on real-time information and gain an in-depth view of relationships.

A new perspective

Drill down to a company, expand a relationship network and get a unique view of supply chain, directors and customers.

Uncover hidden connections

Explore a relationship by expanding the graph multiple degrees out to uncover buried connections, influences, chain reactions.

Link news to price events

Compare financials and select any date range to extract the most valuable news and key themes associated with a price event.

Understand sentiment

Gain unique insight into company sentiment with live heatmap visualisations and explore the reasons for change.

Automated alerts

Create a watch list and generate automated alerts for real-time changes in supply chain, sentiment or news containing specific themes.

A new way to view your investable universe

Using alternative data, nDegrees intuitively visualises your chosen sector, industry or portfolio.

Choose to screen stocks or visually explore your investable universe using the interactive network graph to expand and extract valuable insight from supplier, director and customer relationship chains – from multiple degrees out.

nDegrees seamlessly integrates price, sentiment and news into the visualisations, giving research teams a unique view on the most important factors affecting price. The system provides teams with the flexibility to generate automated alerts to the changes that important to them.

Because nDegrees is powered by combining different sources of structured and alternative data sets, it empowers a small research team with access huge volumes of data and the capability to filter out the noise and draw time-critical insight.

Our big data scientists and solutions architects – led by our buy-side consultants – help you identity the most efficient ways to support your investment process, generate ideas and mitigate risk.

Contact us for a demonstration or to start a discussion on how nDegrees could add value to your investment research.

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