Vendor Management Consultant Resource

As part of the consulting and technology group, we are seeking to hire a well experienced Vendor Management Consultant.

Job Specification

Principal Responsibilities:   

  • Create a vendor management framework categorized into areas: Governance; Vendor Assessment and Monitoring; Tools and Technology and Ops/Tech Organization and roles/responsibilities.
  • Provide current state assessment, future state assessment and recommendations.
  • Assist, coach and transfer knowledge to a newly hired vendor manager to implement and maintain the framework for a goal that a vendor management program be built that is sustainable and provides business value
  • Lead (or assist depending on the timing of hiring a vendor manager) of the Governance component through the inventorying and consolidation of existing vendors, terms, conditions, business ownership, and cyclical process to re-establish or maintain vendor relations and performance standards.
  • Lead (or assist depending on the timing of hiring a vendor manager) of onboarding one new vendor services as a proof of concept to improve the initial vendor management framework and processes.

Knowledge / Skills & Experience: 

  • 15+ years’ Vendor Management experience with 10+ years in the investment industry
  • Proven asset management background in an Operations, Data and Technology vendor management capacity with strong experience working closely with procurement and legal in developing and maintaining a sustainable vendor management program
  • Proven experience in strategic planning and implementing the build-out of a new Vendor Management program in an Asset Management firm required (experience maintaining an existing program will not be considered meeting this requirement)
  • Must possess strong analytical skills and leadership qualities to grow into leadership positions.
  • Strong written, verbal and presentation skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

Educational Requirements: 

  • A relevant undergraduate degree or post-graduate degree
  • Any certification or degree related to Finance (Investment Management) domain will be an advantage
  • CFA or CAIA would be an added advantage


Please email a copy of your CV here