Target Operating Model

Your operating model is the engine that drives your strategy.

It is important that all your resources and capabilities are effectively aligned to enable your strategy and build sustainable competitive advantage.

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Front Office

Strategic Asset Allocation, Portfolio Management, Trade Execution and Equity and Fixed Income Research.

Middle Office

Investment Cash Management, Risk oversight, Reporting, Performance, Attribution, Compliance, and Trade Surveillance and Monitoring.

Back Office

Automated Reconciliation, Settlements, Investment Accounting and Financial Accounting.

A strategically-aligned operating model to support your value proposition

An investment managers proposition summarises the value it delivers to a client. But the success of delivering this value rests heavily on the operating model that executes the proposition.

An operating model should strategically align its processes, systems and people so that business activities seamlessly flow down the value chain and the proposition is delivered to the client.

A Target Operating Model (TOM) describes an operating model future state. We work with clients to review and rationalise their operations and technology strategy, identify the right vendor, product or outsourcing strategy and establish governance frameworks to monitor and control operations.

Our approach to delivering a TOM is based on a proprietary risk-based project management framework led by buy-side business consultants to shape, deliver and embed change in organisation.

The result is a scalable, robust and strategically-aligned operating model to support your strategy, and the necessary governance to demonstrate operational strength to institutional investors.

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