Vendor Evaluation

Our consultants have deep functional knowledge and experience working with vendors and buy-side solutions.

We provide an independent and objective assessment of vendor solutions or service providers.

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Front Office

Order Management, Decision Support, Trading, Product Management and Sales, and Client Reporting.

Middle Office

Investment Risk, Performance and Attribution, Compliance, Cash Management.

Back Office

Fund Accounting, Trade Matching and Settlements, Reconciliation, Data Management, Infrastructure and Application Support.

An objective and consistent approach

Finding the right partner is crucial when strengthening and aligning an operating model. Investment Managers seek new solution or service provider relationships for various reasons – from growth plans and product innovation, to the competitive environment and regulatory compliance pressures.

Finding the right partner is a resource-intensive process. After RFI or FRP submissions, asset managers need to take the time to evaluate how well various vendor applications or service providers support their operations and ensure they are the most suitable from a functionality, efficiency, scalability and cost perspective.

We take an objective and consistent approach when evaluating buy-side solutions and service partners.

We coordinate the requirement analysis, facilitate the RFI and RFP process, assist with the evaluation and help you select the most suitable solution or service provider.

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