Investment Data Reconciliation Resource

As part of the consulting and technology group, we are seeking to hire an experienced Investment Data Reconciliation Resource preferably from Investment Management Domain.


Job Specification

Principal Responsibilities:   

  • Design and implement a reconciliation platform and process as a detective control for identifying data issues. This will include comparing data source to data source, reports to data source and possibly report to report.
  • The solution must be easily maintained, scale for additional reconciliations and encompasses people, process and technology.
  • Identify, log and report exceptions. Exceptions may be absolute, or within an acceptable tolerance. Exceptions will be categorized and measured by accuracy, completeness, and timeliness.
  • Logging of exceptions must be centralized to facilitate streamlined notification of issue/impact and trend analysis. Issues will be categorized by data domain (e.g. Account, holdings, performance, etc.) to facilitate remediation. Impact identification includes which accounts/funds, which investment teams, and which systems.
  • Apply industry best practices and innovative solutions while leveraging existing technologies. Recommend and implement necessary new technologies complementary with existing technologies.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and staff. Assess organizational resources required to support, maintain and enhance the solution including training and knowledge transfer to staff.

Knowledge / Skills & Experience: 

  • Highly experienced Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Investment Data reconciliation and controls. Including reconciling between data sources, between reports, and between data sources and reports.
  • Highly experienced with enterprise batch schedulers, Microsoft SQL Databases, Tableau, and third-party systems including Eagle PACE, Markit EDM, FactSet, Bloomberg, MSCI Risk Analytics, and Blackrock Aladdin.
  • Highly experience with iterative and agile development approaches.
  • Able to lead small projects: collaborate with client staff and external vendors, facilitate project meetings, resolve issues, monitor progress and communicate appropriately to stakeholders.
  • Experienced hands-on implementer of solutions to deliver a project supporting a sophisticated and complex active asset management organization.

Educational Requirements: 

  • A relevant undergraduate degree or post-graduate degree
  • Any certification or degree related to Finance (Investment Management) domain will be an advantage

Other Requirements:

  • Candidates must be comfortable with significant travel
  • Candidate should be either US citizen or a green card holder


Please email a copy of your CV here