Consulting and solutions exclusively for investment management

We are a global, award-winning consultancy with unrivalled understanding of buy-side strategy, operations, technology and governance. Our experience positions us best to help you create and capitalise on competitive advantage, mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency.

Consulting Services and Solutions


nFlows is a no-code platform that allows users to build and adapt business solutions that solve complex challenges in less time, incurring less cost and without the need for development.

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Big Data

Fully customisable, end-to-end AI solutions that our clients own and integrate into their technology stack – with transparency into components, services, and code.

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Sustainable investing is establishing itself as a priority for the funds industry. We help our clients turn ESG talk into action.

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AI powered platform that enhances the perception of traditional financial measures with insights extracted from large volumes of unstructured data.

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85% of the world’s top asset managers claim GIPS compliance. Ensure that you are fully compliant and have quality verification so that institutional investors aren’t overlooking you.

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Target Operating Model

It is important that your operating model activities are fully and effectively aligned to build sustainable competitive advantage and execute your strategy.

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Data Management

As organisations grow and become more complex, effective data management becomes challenging. Find out how we can help.

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