Investment Process and Risk

Your investment process is the implementation of your investment philosophy.

It should align your mandate with the investment decisions you make and promote transparency between investment teams, management and other stakeholders.

How Can We Help?


After thoroughly reviewing your investment philosophy, strategies and fund structures, we define a risk mitigation strategy and the necessary metrics and controls.


We establish expectations and risk thresholds, design a exception management process, and thoroughly test under live simulated conditions.


Data management and systems are optimised for risk measurement and procedures are developed for formal risk reporting and process review.

Drive transparency and clearly communicate your investment process

We help our clients review their investment process and risk governance framework to ensure they are aligned with best practice, driving transparency and that assets are being managed according to the investment mandate.

It is not uncommon for investment managers to lack the policies and procedures necessary to control and report on their investment process – management culture, size and geography can add complexity. However, all investment managers must meet a minimum requirement to be considered by many institutional investors, investment consultants and distributors.

We have an extensive track record of helping clients identify best practice gaps, establish new procedures, and implement the required systems to support a coherent investment process that aligns internal stakeholders and assures investors, distributors and regulators that sufficient controls are in place.

Our consultants are buy-side experts. We have hands-on experience managing investment risk at portfolio and firm level. We make practical and prioritised recommendations, and work with management teams to reduce complexity when implementing change.

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